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Certified Equine Massage & Acupressure Therapist

Providing Safe, Convenient massage for Your equine athlete

My name is Ashley, I am a equine massage and acupressure therapist. I believe proper body work combined with a proper training program is the best overall health for horses. I have been working and riding with horses for over 25 years. I relocated to Ocala from New Jersey years ago. I have a veterinary background as a veterinary technician for both large and small animals for over 10 years. 

I truly believe in animal health because I am working in the field on both the vet side and wellness side. A combined health practice with both eastern and western medicine is the key to good health.


My passion for horses started at seven years old and never skipped a beat. I volunteered at the USET in Gladstone NJ, worked and trained at local farms in the Far Hills area of NJ.  My passion for horses grew as I grew and went on to specialize in training and teaching horses at Meredith Manner of West Virginia in 2000.  I worked at a variety of farms to hone my skills, then moved to Florida where I worked at Smith and Peterson as a surgery technician. I soon realized the need for massage therapy for the health and wellbeing of our beautiful 4-legged companions.  Horses very much like ourselves need care for their muscles.

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